LeTAO encounters

We believe that the hints of a new idea for sweets recipes can be found in small things that we encounter in our everyday lives.
The change of the seasons and everyday weather, conversations with customers.
Brightening eyes of customers when deciding what to buy.
There are encounters in the kitchen as well.
New ingredients, confirmation of recipes, trials of new sweets.
Such encounters that we experience every day are accumulated to lead us to make products that please customers.
We hope to offer more sweets that are just like LeTAO.
LeTAO will again come across as many encounters today.

LeTAO Taiwan

*Northern Sweets Manner*

To spread the customs of northern people, which is to enjoy sweets,


In June 1998, LeTAO opened in the city of Otaru.

Since then, we have pursued the production of delicious sweets. Among them, our main products are Double Fromage and Royal Montagne.

2013 Starts business in Taiwan!

● Nov. 2013《LeTAO Webshop Taiwan》Started
● Aug. 2013
《LeTAO ZhongShan》Opened
● Apr. 2015 《LeTAO SongYan》Opened